Privacy Policy

We have a privacy policy in our company which we request all customers to read before availing our services. The privacy policy is meant for the benefits of our customers. The privacy policy of our organisation is according to the laws. Anyone who has a disagreement with our privacy policy can directly take the matter to the court.

We maintain the privacy policy to ensure that there is no incident of data leak or breach. We maintain that none of our customer’s data is leaked. Hence, one must read the privacy policy carefully before they wish to continue our services. There are certain terms and conditions which the customers have to maintain before they think about availing our services.

  • We do not obtain unnecessary information from our customers. Whatever information we take, we do so solely for the purpose of our service.
  • We ensure that none of the data provided by our customers is misused or is accessible to any other third party.
  • To prevent data leakage, we use only the latest technology and methods. We make every effort to make sure that customer data is not leaked.
  • We do not sell, distribute customer data to any third party. Even if we have to share any information for solely technical purposes, we make sure that that data is not misused by that organisation.
  • We provide our customers with a clear reason why and for what purpose we need that data. We do not collect any information against our customer's consent.

Maintaining with the terms and conditions of our company, you agree to maintain them throughout the period within which you are availing our services. You should not participate in any activity which results in the misuse of our data. In case any such information is known to you, the same should be informed to us immediately. You are also not allowed to post any such comment or indulge in any such activity which harms the reputation of our company. You hereby agree to maintain our privacy policy conditions as you avail our services and continue to do so as long as we serve you.

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