How to Make a Positive Change in Your Work with Microsoft Office Application

If you are working in an office environment, there is every possibility that you use Microsoft office application. The Microsoft office application is a package suite which again consists of many other programs. There are other programs like a powerpoint presentation, excel, office etc. All of the programs have their own specific purposes and functions. The application suite is so developed as to be useful in each and every task which is needed in an office. Since it is suitable to be used in almost each and every office task, it is also the most popular among other applications.

The Microsoft office application is also updated periodically to add new features and functions. If you open Office My Account, you can update your application and use those new features. For examples, office 2003, 2010, 2016 etc. The updated Microsoft office application has many important features which make your task even easier. These days, you can even use and utilise the functions of Microsoft office using your smartphone or tablet. Along with computers or laptop, you can very easily access the functions from other devices as well.

Microsoft Office: Then and Now:

Using the windows azure platform which was announced in 2008, Microsoft is doing cloud computing these days. Using this, many users can share the application. Earlier, the powerpoint, excel and word programs were used separately. Recently, they are available under the same suite application. Recently in 2011, a cloud version called office 365 was released which also consisted the Microsoft excel and powerpoint.

When the Microsoft office was first released for the Windows operating system, it had much rival software. Over time, it released many versions of its applications and now it is one of the most used applications for business purposes. The history of Microsoft office was not consistent all through the years. The latest version of Microsoft Office was released in September 2015 and it is called office 2016.

At the time of its release, Microsoft had many rivals but it eventually gathered its popularity. One main reason behind this was that most of the clients were using the windows platform. So, naturally, the choice for Microsoft office was much stronger than other software. Along with that, with its new improvements, Microsoft office was much more user-friendly than all the other applications. So, it became an obvious choice for businesses and common people in general. You can easily access your account via the link office.com/myaccount.

Microsoft office programs were offered separately for clients. Also, the entire suite package was also available. The suite application was mostly preferred over individual applications. This is because the individual application was costlier than the entire package. Only clients who had the need for specific requirements purchased the individual programs. That is the reason; individual programs were released for client requirement. Along with that and over the years, other office applications were developed and added to the main suite program. The add-ons which were eventually added were:

  • For emailing and management of personal information called outlook
  • A system of virtual notebook called OneNote
  • An app for desktop publishing like Publisher
  • To manage various projects like Project
  • To create diagrams and flowchart called Visio

Today you can find a lot more programs in the office suite with improved features and advanced items. You can create an account in Microsoft like Office account and use all the applications. The application suite of Microsoft office is more advanced these days.

How to Manage Your Contact List Using Microsoft Office?

The Microsoft office is useful in many ways. But, it can be really helpful to those who are into web designing. One little problem which web designers usually face is how to manage their contact list. Well, using Microsoft office, now you can easily do so. You can easily manage the contact list of clients using this application program. For that, you just have to undergo a short training on how to do so using Microsoft office program.

Maintaining contact lists is yet another task of the web designers among others. You can create one or several address books. You can have separate contact lists for your clients, personal contacts and so on. This helps you to manage to send or receive your emails. With the help of Microsoft office, you can easily manage your contact lists. Not only that, but you can also schedule your appointments and meetings with this application. If you have a Microsoft Office Login Account, you can very easily access these features and make your task convenient.

Microsoft office also lets you import your contact list from other programs for saving time. You can use the programs which are supported by Microsoft office to import your contacts and make things easier. This important feature is very essential for all the web designing companies. They utilise this feature to make their work easier and faster. Managing your contact list is one of the many desirable features which Microsoft office application provides to web designing companies. Due to this, it is one of the most popular applications for them.

You can have your Microsoft Office Account and use it to manage your client list using the application. Many web designers hence find it very convenient to use Microsoft office application for managing their client and contact lists. Microsoft office has many uses for many sectors in the market apart from web designing. Using Office My Account Login, you can have access to the programs you wish to access. You can use the programs for various purposes. It is useful for so many different reasons. Whenever you are using Microsoft programs, do remember to update them periodically. Doing that, you can get to enjoy the new features and improvements. The Microsoft Office is also compatible with a number of devices apart from your computer. It makes it flexible to use. It is better to purchase an only genuine copy of Microsoft office to avoid crashing of the program or any other malfunctioning.

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