MS Office Latest Update Makes the Operations Easy

Microsoft Office comes with latest version 2019 for Windows computer and Mac device both. If you have an Office 365 subscribe, you will receive update notification automatically. This version will run on Windows 10 PC. It includes many new features, also updates the previous features.

Word 2019 – Word 2019 supports 40 languages. Moreover, there you will find a new built-in translation tool that helps you to translate the document easily from a language to different languages. There you can get a text-to-speech option which makes it more convenient. Now it types automatically while you are reading. It also includes multiple text spacing options and column width option. With the new draw tools, you can draw or write with a digital pen, if you have a touch PC. Also, you can draw rotatable 3D models or in SVG scalable vector image format in word 2019.

Excel 2019 – Excel 2019 also includes this new draw and translator tools. Now, Excel 2019 gives you a business analytical service also, you can publish Power Bi easily with this. It includes MINIFS and MAXIFS to return the smallest to largest value. Now you can present your data in funnel and map charts.

PowerPoint 2019 – Now you can present your data with ultra-high 4K resolution slide show video. It also gives you new themes to make your presentation more gorgeous than before. You can apply the Morph transition between two or more similar slides.

In all applications of MS office 2019, you will find a new ‘check accessibility feature’, which scans your spreadsheet, documents, and presentation.

When you want to work on an updated Office version then you should download the Office latest version from MS office official website Otherwise, you can go for updating your office version. Also, you can set up an auto check system on your computer, which let you know if there are any updates.

Set up Auto Update

  • Open any Office program (Word/Excel/PowerPoint)
  • Go to the ‘Help’ option
  • In the ‘Help’ box tap on ‘Check for Updates’
  • Then choose automatically download and install option for getting update information automatically.
  • Select ‘Check for Updates’

If you manually check your office version, then you should go for it –

Check your Office Version

  • Open any Office application (Word/Excel/PowerPoint)
  • Go to File
  • Select Account
  • In the account box, you will see the office version, which is installed on your device.

If there you will find an update you can install it by following these steps –

Update Your MS Office

For updating MS Office you should Sign In to your Microsoft accounts. While visiting the My Account Page,; you can log in to your account directly. Just you have to enter the proper user id and password. After signing in –

  • Click on Install
  • This step takes 5 to 6 minutes to be installed.
  • You will see at the bottom of the page “New: Office 2016 is now available”
  • Click on Install again to install the latest version
  • Find the setup file, and click on it

While updating you may meet with some new error, just google your problem and you will find the best solution method. On the official website you will find some error related question and the solving answer, go through with it to solve your problem. Otherwise, contact with technicians via this official website.

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